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Thank you for your interest in the EPFC courses.

Next registrations : November 2017.

Relocation into our new single building

The EPFC has moved all his centres in one building. 

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How to enroll in a language course at the EPFC ?

  1. Make an appointment online (see below)
  2. On the day of the appointment, go to the new registration building. Take your ID card with you, as well as a pen and a payment card (Bancontact, Mastercard, Maestro or Visa). 
  3. If you have knowledge (even basic knowledge) in the language you want to study, you have to take the level test. The level 1 is meant for people with no knowledge in the language they want to study.

What courses ?

Language courses : French, Dutch, English and Spanish.

For all courses other than language courses, you have to speak French fluently.

Registration sessions

From 14 November to 20 November 2017
An appointment for registration sessions is compulsory.You can make your appointment online from this page at 9.00 AM sharp on

  • Monday 13 November
  • Wednesday 15 November
  • Friday 17 November

The links below will be activated on Monday 13 November

Students registered in 2017 - 2018 can re-enrolling between Wednesday 25 October and Sunday 12 November for their next course starting in November 2017

What documents do you need to have ?

Your residence permit (passport + student visa is not accepted).
This document must be valid at least until 27 November 2017

If you are an EU citizen, your national identity card or passport is enough.

A price reduction will be granted to persons who are unemployed (ACTIRIS, FOREM, VDAB) or receive social help.

  • If you depend on the VDAB, you will provide the certificate « Aanvraag van een vrijstelling van het inschrijvingsgeld in het Volwassenenonderwijs », delivered from 31 October 2017
  • If you receive social help, you will need to provide a certificate from the CPAS / OCMW. The document must be delivered in November 2017.

What does the level test consist of ?

It is a multiple choice test. You can take two tests consecutively : each test (maximum 45 minutes' duration) will be corrected immediately and followed by the registration. 

Only the French and English level tests include an oral skills assessment. For the other languages, oral skills will be evaluated during the first lesson. 

What about the timetables ?

In November, regarding language courses, we propose : 

    • 12 hours a week (3x4 hours)
      Courses in the morning or in the afternoon.
      Those courses begin on Monday 20 November 2017 and end not later than Sunday 4 February 2018.
    • 6 hours a week (2x3 hours)
      Courses in the evening (only for French levels 1 and 2, and English level 1).
      Those courses begin no Monday 20 November 2017 and end not later than Sunday 29 April 2018.

See timetables.

What are the prices?

One language course (120 hours) except Dutch : 104,12 € (+ 26 € for the first course)
or 76,52 € with price reduction : see above

Dutch courses (120 hours) : 110,50 € (+26 € for the first course)
or 82,90 € with price reduction : see above

How to pay ?

Never in cash : only cards (Bancontact, Mastercard, Maestro or Visa) are accepted.

Where ? (for registration or more information)

In our new building located avenue de l'Astronomie, 19 - 1210 Brussels

  • station "Madou" (+/- 2 minutes walking from the EPFC)
    • Metro 2 et 6
    • bus STIB 29, 63, 65, 66, N05
    • bus De Lijn 318, 351, 410
  • station "Quetelet" (+/- 2 minutes walking from the EPFC)
    • bus STIB 61
  • station "Botanique" (+/- 6 minutes walking from the EPFC)
    • tramway STIB 92 ou 93
  • by train : station "Bruxelles - Congrès" (+/- 10 minutes walking from the EPFC) or "Bruxelles - Nord" (+/- 9 minutes walking from the EPFC)

Warning : very few parking opportunities in the neighborhood